Meet The Manager

Kayleigh Mount

Hello Kayleigh, could you tell us a bit about yourself and your experience in Care?

Hello, I am delighted to introduce myself as the registered manager of Cornerways Residential Home. What you need to know about me is I’m passionate about Care in all settings. I have over 20 years experience in care from community to care home settings. Over the years I am fixated on quality and delivering an exceptional service to our residents, making sure they feel that this is there home and we are here just to help.

It sounds like you have a lot of experience, what is it about giving Care that you enjoy?

I’ve always been this type of person, I believe to be exceptional in care you firstly have to care, obvious I know, but I can’t explain the joy when I meet a new resident, get to know their stories and there background, meet there family. Then to give them the care they deserve and to know they are happy is extremely fulfilling for me. Let’s just say I couldn’t be on computers all day.

You have consistently been given favourable recognition from the CQC for services you have run, what philosophy do you have to ensure such high standards?

It’s a team effort. I may be the one registered but I can only be as good as the team around me from owners, team leaders, seniors, carer, cooks, cleaners, activity coordinators and to all that help with maintaining this service. The list is vast but this is why I have to work for a company that has the same ethos as myself as I can only deliver the high standards that I set, if the team is with me.

You are now at Cornerways Residential Home, what is it about the home that made you feel you wanted to be part of it?

I mentioned this in the last question but for me when I spoke to the owners, I knew. There is something very special when a team is built on the same ideas and principals. I have full support here, nothing is too much for the home, we all want to deliver the best service possible. I have to say the rarity is that the communication is always there, we constantly plan and put actions in place and we deliver on these targets.

What do you hope to achieve at Cornerways Residential Home?

I have to say Cornerways has always been exceptional, but to allow me to put my stamp on it is a privilege. We have already done so much since the short time I have been here but one of my proudest achievements is putting a garden that is accessible for the residents in. This makes such a big difference for there well being and many residents and family members have thanked me. I enjoy thinking outside the box and each time I do we improve again. The aim is to get the smiles and the thank you’s, then I know we are achieving our goals.

What can residents expect from an entertainment point of view?

In a word “Constant” entertainment, not just from the activities coordinator but from many aspects. that could be from getting audio books, singers and even giving some of our residents responsibilities to do such as getting the dining room ready. This is their home so we are in there hands and they tell us what they enjoy. Cornerways is also right next to the high street so for family members it is so good for them to be able to take there loved ones for a cup of tea and be part of the community.

Do you have anything to say to residents and families that are either already at Cornerways or thinking of coming?

We are a family, we achieve this as we have an extremely strong team and the size of the home allows us to be very personal with them and to understand them, some days even a look from a resident can tell me more than words as we know them so well. This is a very special place to be and we welcome people to come here to embrace this environment.

It would be nice to know more about you away from Care, what hobbies do you have?

I’m a farmer’s daughter and so I’ve always been hands on in the farm. I always check in on the animals and my kids love being with them.

Favourite past time?

My horses, you will pleased to hear my racing days are behind me but I do still have a few horses that we as a family look after.

In fact I might ask the owners to let my horse into the garden 🙂

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